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Precision Auto Body and Transport will relocate your vehicle anywhere in the continental U.S.
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1. Q: "How much will the transport of my vehicle cost?"

A: In general, cost to transport vehicles is mainly based on final destination. Also, larger and heavier vehicles will be slightly more expensive to transport, as would special requests, such as terminal drop-offs. For example, transport of a passenger vehicle to Florida would cost approximately XXXX dollars, while transport to California would cost YYYY dollars. Transport costs of the same vehicle within Massachusetts would range from AAAA to BBBB, while transport to adjoining states would cost approximately CCCC. Please call, e-mail, or fill out our e-form to get a detailed price; we usually try to get back to you on the same business day.

2. Q: "To which destinations do you transport?"

A: Precision Auto Body and Transport is capable of transporting your vehicle to anywhere in the continental United States (i.e., 48 states).

3. Q: "How long does it take to ship my vehicle?"

A: Transit time varies depending on several factors, but, normally, it takes a week and half to two weeks. The factors that affect transit time include: distance to shipping destination, order of loading on car carrier versus closed container; weather; road conditions; amount of advance shipping notification; door-to-door versus terminal pick-up and drop-off. Generally, the more time you give us in advance, the better we are able to secure a spot for your vehicle on our trucks.

4. Q: "How do you ship my vehicle?"

A: We ship your vehicle by a car carrier or hauler that can usually carry 8 to 10 vehicles. These are the same trucks that you often see dropping cars off at car dealerships. Alternatively, we can ship your vehicle in a closed container for an additional charge.

5. Q: "Will my vehicle be insured?"

A: Your vehicle will be insured against damage and theft when transported by Precision Auto Body and Transport, and we will provide you with a copy of the insurance coverage. We highly discourage you from leaving personal articles in your vehicle; please note that any personal articles left in your vehicle will not be insured. In fact, it is against the law for us to ship them, and a hefty fine could potentially be imposed. If you must ship some (uninsured) items in your car, make sure they are stowed properly and out of sight, and under 100 pounds.

6. Q: "When will my vehicle be picked up, and delivered?"

A: Upon transaction, we will schedule you for pick-up within a 3-day window; however, we can provide an exact date for an additional charge. Once pick-up is made, we will provide you with a precise delivery date. However, we most often will not be able to provide a guaranteed delivery date, but instead will give you a window of time to tell you when to expect delivery of your vehicle.

7. Q: "Can you keep my vehicle from being exposed to the weather?"

A: Yes, for an additional charge, we can transport your vehicle in a closed container.

8. Q: "My car is in parts; can you still transport it?"

A: Yes, but you must organize and secure your loose parts into sealed, durable containers.

9. Q: "I just purchased (sold) a vehicle on-line; can you pickup (deliver) for me?"

A: Yes, however, please note that we only provide transport services. It is your responsibility to insure that the transaction is complete.